2011 bmw m5

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just as we revealed the first official photos of the all-new BMW X1, our email box was flooded with a plethora of spy shots of the next-generation BMW M5 sports sedan that is due for release in early 2011. But wait, how can we be certain that the prototype seen here is actually an M5 and not any other mainstream version of the 5-Series sedan, codenamed F10, that's expected to arrive in 2010?
Well, first of all, the test mule is equipped with the M-division's trademark four tail pipes. Then there's the wider fenders, the massive disc brakes, the 'extra-large' alloy wheels shod in beefy tires and finally, the lowered ride height. Need any more proof?
The current M5 that is powered by a 507HP 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine is one of the most high acclaimed sports sedans in the market providing supercar-like performance and handling along with daily driver comfort and livability, and BMW intends to keep it that way with the M5's replacement.