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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is the Aston Martin Tuneup, cars in the category. this car is capable of running hard in just seconds. body designs of the Aston Martin Tuneup is also very pretty and cool. with black Aston Martin cars capable of displaying the elegant figure is also supported with a power rate extraordinary.
Here is the program Aston Martin Tuneup – upgraded “suspension – exhaust – wheels – ecu” of Aston Martin.

Exhaust / muffler for Aston Martin Aston Mb Aston Martin Tuneup suspension   exhaust   wheels   ecu Upgrade

Stainless steel exhaust for Aston Martin Vantage V8 / V12 / DB9 / DBS, weight optimized, 15hp incl. installation 1789 EURO/net
Stainless steel exhaust with valve flaps for Aston Martin Vantage V8 / V12 / DB9 / weight optimized, 15hp incl. installation 2596 EURO/net
Valve controlled exhaustsystem, with remote controlled flaps for Aston Martin DB9, DBS, Vantage V8 / V12 incl. installation 3779 EURO/net
200 cells sportcatalysts, Obd compliant, around 25 hp extra for Aston Martin DBS, DB9, Vantage V8 / V12, Rapide incl. installation 2235 EURO/net
Stainless steel exhaust for Aston Martin Rapide / One77 incl. installation
from 2773 EURO/net

Wheels / forged wheels for Aston Martin

6Sporz and Four30, 3-piece forged wheels for Vantage, Vanquish, DB9, DBS, Rapide
Fa: 9,0×20″ wheels with tyres 255/35/20 Maxx
Ra: 11,0×20″ wheels with tyres 285/30/20 Maxx
Price wheelset: 8277 EURO/net
Individual colour and surface finishes possible

High end quality, perfect fitment
for Aston Martin DB9, contending:
• front bumper
• side skirts
• rear bumper
• rear bootlid spoiler
Incl. installation and lacquering 8235 EURO/net
Carbon interior and individual interior customizing on inquire Aston Martin Tuneup